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Redstart Creative

Redstart Creative RBW Strategy loves that we have the opportunity to partner with so many wonderful organizations and firms that are committed to helping those in the nonprofit sector. We believe that collaboration helps to create more opportunities for everyone, including our clients. One of these great partners is Redstart Creative, led by Rebecca Teaff. […]

Leadership Transitions

Leadership Transitions No matter the organization, leadership transitions can be challenging, and even more so now that organizations are conscious of the need for more equitable hiring processes. Nonprofits and businesses want to handle leadership transitions more effectively and equitably, but how many of us really feel confident that we know how to do so? […]

Federal Grant Subrecipient Monitoring

Federal Grant Subrecipient Monitoring Later this month, Rachel and RBW partner MJ White will be providing a webinar training on federal grant subrecipient monitoring to the Texas Association of Regional Councils. The webinar is the fourth in a five-part series on specialized federal grants management topics for member organizations. Are you interested in learning more […]


Brands Whether it’s the clothes you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, or the producer of the movie you’re heading off to see, brands are everywhere. Even nonprofits have brands. And, just like the most famous examples, your organization can go through countless transitions while maintaining brand longevity. As your work spans months, years, decades, and […]

Kids Eat Right Month

Kids Eat Right Month August is Kids Eat Right Month, an opportunity to highlight the importance of smart grocery shopping, healthy eating, and active lifestyles for every age group from infants to teens. With greater knowledge, many families across our country have the opportunity to start making healthier choices, which can have a positive impact […]

The New Normal

The New Normal Here’s a phrase that we all now hate: “the new normal.” I bet all of you are about as sick of saying the phrase as you are sick of hearing it in different contexts. Obviously, we are referencing the COVID-related impacts in our personal and professional lives. But just because we are […]