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Whether it’s the clothes you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, or the producer of the movie you’re heading off to see, brands are everywhere. Even nonprofits have brands. And, just like the most famous examples, your organization can go through countless transitions while maintaining brand longevity. As your work spans months, years, decades, and beyond, here are five ways to maintain branding. Also, these strategies can help maximize service delivery and fundraising results.
(1) Know your audience. Their needs, priorities, interests, and motivations are critical. Remember: a nonprofit’s audience includes actual (or potential) people who can benefit from, or support, your cause.
(2) Appeal to influencers. They are often your strongest allies. Plus, influencers are a bridge to like-minded, well-connected individuals who can increase the power and visibility of your organization’s work.
(3) Establish a positive reputation. Being trustworthy and transparent are non-negotiable in the nonprofit world. Deliver on your promises. Be candid about any roadblocks. And commit to alternate solutions to meet everyone’s expectations.
(4) Be consistent. Deliver quality, maintain high standards, and give your audience memorable (positive!) experiences. For thriving organizations, consistency is not about doing the same things day in and out — but focused on a few areas that represent what you do.
(5) Be innovative. Keep a pulse not only on your nonprofit’s transitions but how your audience’s interests and expectations evolve. Deliver programs and resources that respond to new needs while staying true to your mission and scope.
KJ Lucas Matos, RBW Chief Operating Officer
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