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The New Normal

Here’s a phrase that we all now hate: “the new normal.” I bet all of you are about as sick of saying the phrase as you are sick of hearing it in different contexts. Obviously, we are referencing the COVID-related impacts in our personal and professional lives. But just because we are using the term, does this mean things are really back to any kind of “normal”? We all know that’s not really the case, so I say we forget the concept of normalcy.
Newsflash: We’re all survivalists trying to navigate uncharted territory in a constantly shifting landscape.
This month, RBW Strategy is talking about transitions. As a business owner, I notice transitions accutely because I am constantly trying to keep up with changes. I also notice transitions as a mom with a new middle schooler, adjusting to a new routine. Rather than thinking about what is “normal,” either prior to the pandemic or a “new” normal, we can reframe our perspective to think about how we can make transitions work. We should be thinking about how we can adjust to changes, remain flexible, and what this means for us mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Rachel Werner, MPA, GPC, PMP, Owner & CEO of RBW Strategy
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