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Values-Driven Partnerships

There’s nothing quite like opening up a brand-new calendar at the start of a new year. Finding just the right planner layout and the right mix of inspiring, comedic, or furry friend inspired art creates a sense of refresh. As we look into 2023, we lead with INTEGRITY. Why integrity? Quite simply, integrity defines RBW Strategy’s culture and ensures that we are on the right path as a team and engaging with clients. It assures that we maintain a values-driven culture rooted in professionalism, honesty, kindness, and compassion.

Another word that will drive our path in 2023 is PARTNERSHIP. We consider ourselves partners in our clients’ work and an important conduit to sustainable funding practices and opportunities. Partnership is also people. It drives our work and allows us to achieve greater impact for our clients that do so much for others.

In keeping with partnerships, RBW Strategy has been holding on to a HUGE piece of news. As many of you know, our firm provides the full lifecycle of grants support from pre-award through post-award. One of the people we’ve admired for many years is Lucy Morgan of MyFedTrainer. She is a nationally recognized source matter expert in federal grants compliance, providing virtual and in-person training for over a decade to nonprofits and public sector clients.

We’re excited to share that we’ll be joining forces in 2023. Yes, it’s true! RBW Strategy and MyFedTrainer have embarked on a formal partnership in which RBW Strategy will continue providing post-award federal grants compliance and management support, and we’ll be working with Lucy to provide training to federal funding recipients.

You’ll hear more in the coming weeks and months, and rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about the importance and nuance of grants management. This partnership is driven by our mutual desire to lead with integrity, serve our clients with excellence, and ensure federal funding recipients are stronger across all facets.

Are there grants management questions you have?

What keeps you up at night about compliance?

Do you not even apply for fear of what the reporting process looks like?

Let us know so we can take these compliance burdens off your back.

To a new year filled with values-driven partnerships!

RBW Strategy regularly presents at conferences, and offers trainings, and other resources that provide fundraisers with ongoing professional development resources. Feel free to get in touch, we’re happy to help!

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