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COVID 2022

In today’s COVID environment, constantly shifting workplace conditions have significantly impacted the dynamics of work relationships.
Cancelled programming, reduced in-person meetings, misaligned hybrid schedules, a reduction in informal interactions, and lingering symptoms and stress from catching COVID are all factors that have led to exhaustion, burnout, and just plain old social discomfort as we try to readjust.
In order to maintain good workplace relationships, it’s important to know the signs of exhaustion and regularly evaluate your burnout risk factors.
Pay attention to signals such as feeling chronically exhausted, more cynical than usual, apathetic, and/or disconnected.
Ask trusted colleagues and friends to help you monitor your emotional bandwidth and let you know if you are showing signs of diminished competance, both professionally and relationally.
It’s important to continue taking care of your mental health, both for your own sake and the sake of your relationships with colleagues, family, and friends. #MentalHealthMonday #mentalhealth #workrelationships
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