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When you decide to begin something new, you are bound to face any number of challenges and for some people, that can feel very overwhelming.
Especially in this post-pandemic world, it’s even harder to predict what types of challenges you will face when you begin a new project or launch a new endeavor.
It’s impossible to predict every factor that could go sideways, but the best way to beat back overwhelm is still to make a plan and “Chunk it down.” By chunking new endeavors and big projects into smaller parts, and then only focusing on one chunk at a time, we can get more done with far less overwhelm and stress.
Whatever you may be launching this fall, frame that new beginning as a series of opportunities, things that you can tackle one chunk at a time. “Chunk it down” and help your team see their tasks in this framework as well.
If your team shares this mentality, you will avoid a lot more of the overwhelm that often comes with #newbeginnings.
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