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Association Membership as a Professional Development Resource

The resources available to nonprofit fundraisers have grown exponentially over the past 20 years through the development of associations targeted to specific fundraising roles and functions.  The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and National Grant Management Association (NGMA), and the association/nonprofit section of the Public Relations Society of America are just a few examples. The […]

Grant Writing Myths Non-Profits Shouldn’t Believe

When nonprofits first start the grant writing process, it can feel incredibly intimidating. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so we’ve put together five grant writing myths that nonprofits shouldn’t believe.      Encouraging your team to read through these myths and then jump into the grant writing world without […]

Tips for Finding Emergency Grants During Crisis

The pandemic has left many nonprofits struggling to find funding assistance. Contacting your existing funders is step one — but what if you don’t have current grant funders? Maybe you received grants in the past, but aren’t managing any currently. Or your nonprofit may have never received a grant before. Whatever the case may be, […]

How to Avoid Last Minute Grant Pursuits

As grant writers, we typically have a few grant applications in the pipeline at once. It takes a lot of organization to make sure deadlines and timelines are set up correctly. But what if you find the “perfect grant” last minute? Is it worth shifting everything around to pursue it?   The short answer is: […]

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Grant

  The best grant application is the only thing that stands between you and successful grant funding. But it’s much easier said than done! Funders receive thousands of grant proposals throughout the year, and developing one that delivers a unique message takes time and effort.    Before you take the time to create your grant […]

How to Stay Solicitation Compliant with Nonprofit Grant Funding

  Grant proposals are a great way to achieve the funding of your nonprofit needs. But before you submit a proposal, it’s important to read through the fine print carefully. Many states have charitable solicitation laws, which can hurt your chances of receiving a grant if not followed correctly.    These charitable solicitation laws are […]

A Breakdown of Each Stage in the Grant Lifecycle

The grants lifecycle refers to the entire process of a grant—from planning, to opportunity, to implementation, to closeout. The lifecycle of a grant has three major stages: pre-award, award, and post-award. The recipient and grantor both have unique tasks within each stage.  Phase 1: The Pre-Award Phase  The pre-award phase includes the grantor announcing the […]

Tips for First-Time Grant Seekers During the Pandemic

In an emergency like the COVID-19 crisis, it’s time to step up your grant efforts; not back away! History shows that foundations maintain — and increase — giving during the most difficult times. First-time grant seekers may feel intimidated during a pandemic, but with the right steps, you’ll be able to navigate your nonprofit through […]

Grants in a COVID-19 World – Learning to Pivot

I love watching Project Runway, and have since the show began over 15 years ago. I enjoy watching how the designers make amazing creations in just one to two days’ time. It almost seems unreal and is definitely a skill that I don’t have. The season 4 winner, Christian Siriano, was always a fan favorite, […]

What McDonald’s Can Teach Us About Grant Writing

McDonald’s was my favorite restaurant as a kid. I loved the French fries, burgers and getting a toy with my meal. I even had my birthday party at one location when I was eight (my friends and I enjoyed the play area). While my tastes have changed as I have gotten older, I always know […]