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Grant Misperceptions 101 – No budget, no problem

So, you have that million dollar idea that you know will be funded by a big donor. You have started to brainstorm with your colleagues, and then someone in your office finds out that there is a huge funding and you would be absolutely remiss if you don’t apply. But wait, there’s a big issue. […]

Grant Misperceptions 101: All it takes is good writing

When I have served as a grant reviewer, I have clicked my tongue in astonishment about the poor quality of proposals that I have reviewed. As someone who has worked in this industry for over 13 years, I have seen a wide range of proposals. However, I am sure you can get very frustrated when you […]

Grant Misperceptions 101

As a grant professional, I realize that the majority of people outside of my industry are blissfully unaware of all the intricacies, challenges and difficulties that come with being a grant writer. You have competing deadlines, federal guidance updates and changes, and steep learning curves pertaining to grantee organizations and their programs. The preparation of […]

Grants Management 101 (Part 3): Resource Capacity

The ingredients to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies are fairly straightforward – flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, milk, chocolate chips, and few other items. You mix then together, bake, and then you get a delicious treat. Well, what happens when you do not have flour and you ran out of chocolate chips? You […]

Grants Management 101 (Part 1)

Lately I have received multiple requests to support organizations with post-award support. While the specifics differ between organizations, the general story is the same. An organization experiences a substantive uptick in the number of grant awards received, or are the recipient of one or more large grant awards (generally federally funded). While this support speaks […]

Grant Guidance and Internal Controls

Last week I conducted a training for the National Grants Management Association on internal controls and grantees (and grantors) responsibilities. While I know this topic is as glamorous and as exciting as it sounds, the Office of Management and Budget has put this front and center on their agenda (especially within the context of the […]

Grants Management Case Studies, Part 2

Every grantee in receipt of government funding wants to ensure that they are in good standing with their federal, state, and local government counterparts. However, in some cases organizations can be designated as high-risk, which leads to unfortunate punitive measures down the road. What do these entail and how can you maintain compliance and avoid […]

Grants Management Case Studies, Part 1

  Each day grant professionals focus on supporting their recipients, adhering to administrative requirements, and in general, focusing on the daily operations of administering or managing large grant awards. Unless someone seeks out a professional development opportunity, such as a conference or webinar, how does a grant professional stay engaged in best practices regarding federal […]