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The pandemic has left many nonprofits struggling to find funding assistance. Contacting your existing funders is step one — but what if you don’t have current grant funders? Maybe you received grants in the past, but aren’t managing any currently. Or your nonprofit may have never received a grant before. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to have an emergency course of action. 


Emergency Grants


Below, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can find emergency grants, and set your nonprofit up for success during a crisis. 


How do I seek out emergency nonprofit grants?


In the year 2020, foundations across the country issued billions of dollars in emergency grants to help organizations that were heavily impacted by the pandemic. Many of these funders have exhausted their COVID emergency funds, however there are still plenty of organizations making these awards in 2021. The best way to go about finding these is to check out some websites for area funders , including your local community foundation to learn what emergency grant funds are still being provided. Many of these entities also have newsletters so sign up so you can stay on top of upcoming opportunities. If you can meet the eligibility requirements, hop on it quickly!


How do I know which ones I’m likely to win?


Even in times of crisis, it’s important to think smart and choose the right grants for your nonprofit. It’s tempting to go after every grant when your nonprofit is in a tough financial situation, but that’s not an effective strategy. Every foundation has a set of requirements, preferences, and priorities that determine what grants they make. Some foundation’s guidelines will align with your organization more than others. To make sure you’re going after the right ones, ask yourself a few questions. Does the funder’s mission align with yours? Does the foundation make grants for your specific geographic area? Has the funder given grants to similar organizations in the past? Is there a personal connection between someone at the foundation and a member of your staff? Using these questions as guidelines will give you a better idea of what to look for.


How can I make the most of my proposal? 


When applying for emergency grants, the same best practices apply like any other proposal. Your proposal should be well-written, persuasive, and demonstrate why the work you’re doing is important, unique, and worth urgent funds. Hone in on how the funder’s mission aligns with your nonprofit’s mission, and be thorough when discussing how the money will be used. Be sure to touch on how COVID has impacted your nonprofit, and what goals you’re looking to accomplish with the funds. 


Does your nonprofit need help finding funds during the pandemic? RBW Strategy can help! Our goal is to develop fundraising content that highlights your organization’s unique voice through a strong case for support. We also identify and integrate new fundraising approaches and enhance existing ones that have worked well. Contact us today!


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