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True strength comes from vulnerability

“When I first starting working as a 22-year-old teacher, I internalized the ethos that showing emotions is a weakness and true strength means stoicism. I spent so much of my professional life pretending that I was okay when my inner voice said differently. When I did show emotions, sometimes it was viewed as a deficiency and I felt shamed for revealing my feelings in a professional setting. It wasn’t until I became a CEO and began leading a team that I realized true strength comes from vulnerability, from accepting (and hopefully overcoming) one’s internal struggles. This is a lifelong process, and one that we can’t ignore. Thankfully there is now a heightened focus on mental health and a growing acceptance of mental health challenges. Stoicism is not helpful or constructive, and we as leaders need to honor the emotional experiences our employees, team members, and clients, especially during their most challenging moments. Leading with grace and an open heart will yield far more results than leading with fear and a closed fist.”
Rachel Werner, MPA, GPC, PMP, Owner & CEO of RBW Strategy
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