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 I am venturing into a new format for my blog posts to not just talk about grants, but about what’s happening in the world. Every few weeks we will be digging into a big issue and talking about how it relates to nonprofits, government agencies, and the philanthropic sector. The first post focuses on racial inequities and how the philanthropic and nonprofit/public sectors are responding. I am thrilled to share that many organizations are tackling this issue head-on. In my neck of the woods, The Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers has established a Racial Equity Working Group; Nonprofit Montgomery will be hosting a forum on racial equity in May; and Maryland Nonprofits is hosting an Equity Speaker Series starting in March (and these are just three examples).

I look forward to sharing how responsive and flexible we are regarding these issues, and also thinking of how to incorporate new perspectives.

Check out my first issue here: https://conta.cc/2DlRtkN

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