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When I think about 2019 I often feel that there is a need for catharsis and letting go of the things that held me back this year and trying to be more mindful of putting my best foot forward in 2019. I think for me I think a lot about being mindful and present and not distracted by email, alerts and other technology that removes us from our stated path. What can we do to become more mindful and let go of the fear, angst, and nervousness that can hold us back? I have found the following tools particularly helpful.

1) Mindfulness journal – Taking some time to focus on gratitude and energizing yourself each day is a way to build some calm and restore some sanity. It just takes 3 minutes at the beginning and end of each day to prepare and reflect. There are many of these journals available on Amazon, and you can find the one that is right for you.

2) Reading – Whether you are reading for pleasure, business or both, try to keep a running list of books so that you can always find something at a bookstore or Barnes and Noble. It is a great time to start, especially with all of the “Best of 2018” lists that are available via multiple publications. No time for reading? How about an interesting podcast or audiobook?

3) Technology detachment – Try to set some parameters so you can step away from your smartphone. Is it not sleeping with your phone next to your bed? Avoiding your phone between certain time periods? Perhaps installing a “do not disturb” app on your phone could be a helpful tool as well.

4) Exercise/yoga – Any kind of exercise, even just a walk around your block can help provide a mental break needed. Yoga is the ultimate way to cleanse your mind, and there are many YouTube videos that can take you through even a 10-minute routine. I love the ones by Rodney Yee and I like the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos (I do them with my own kids).

Whatever you decide to do, it is important to find a routine and stick with it. What are you going to let go and how will you do it?

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