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Each year we have a day of remembrance for the millions of Americans who have died to protect our freedom, safety and sense of security. While some died in the line of duty, others died from the effects of war months or years later. Many of us don’t realize the traumatic effect of combat on a person’s physical, psychological and/or emotional well-being.  They have sacrificed so much so that we can live our lives freely and with (hopefully) joy.

As a grant writer, I often write applications in support of our first responders, law enforcement or national security personnel. It amazes me how professional they are about the work they do on a daily basis. In honor of all of the fallen soldiers, and their families and loved ones, please offer a moment of silence on Memorial Day. I will leave you with this poem.


Somewhere in the night a quiet professional is waiting.
He does not care that he is tired.
That his hardened body is sleep deprived.
He is unbroken and vigilant in his task.

Somewhere this warrior is the final tripwire.
He has trained all his life in brutal conditions day and night.
This barren and desolate world is his home.
He lives and survives by an ancient Creed.

Somewhere this weapon of war will not ask nor give quarter.
He thrives on the mission and completing his objective.
That he allows the taste of fear to motivate his actions.
He is…the final option.

~ Mingo Kane ~

Author of “Scars of The Prophet”

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