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Today we are featuring DHLeonard Consulting in our #PartnerProfile. Diane Leonard, GPC, CSM, and the owner of the firm, has been a great partner and we appreciate that she recognizes the importance of collaboration.
Diane’s team is based in upstate New York and provides research and grant writing for all types of clients, as well as working to bring Scrum to nonprofits. When asked what their firm loves most about the work they do, Diane said, “Our team loves taking the stress out of grant seeking for our clients so that the focus remains on how grant funds help the organization achieve their mission.”
Fun fact about the DHLeonard team: “Being a fully remote team, we have to be creative about building relationships with each other and what we have as shared interests and passions. We love books, puns, and DEFINITElY ice cream. That is why we have an interview question for potential new team members about ice cream, why we developed a Retrospective template that is based on ice cream, and why we occasionally have virtual ice cream parties.”
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