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Mission and Core Values

In the nonprofit world, there is a lot of discussion about mission and core values. On the other hand, there is so much discussion around organizational results.
But how often do we connect an organization’s values with their results in our communications?
The organization’s mission or purpose drives (or should be driving) all of its activity – its strategic priorities, programs, fundraising, partnerships, business development, … and its storytelling.
Why do we continue to measure the progress of an organizaton using metrics that don’t reflect the ethos and values of the organization itself?
Why do we try to tell the story of an organization with metrics that are so disconnected from their mission?
This month, RBW Strategy will explore how organizations share their impact and some important aspects of storytelling to consider.
In our values-driven culture, it is imperative that we are thoughtful about what truly measures and communicates success. (Hint: it’s not just about the numbers.)
Rachel Werner, MPA, GPC, PMP, Owner & CEO of RBW Strategy
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