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In Praise of the Incomplete Leader

We’ve come to expect an impossible number of things from our leaders.
To fill a top position, a person is expected to have excellent strategic thinking skills, business acumen, and operational know-how; the ability to cast an inspiring vision for the organization; and strong interpersonal skills, at the very least.
But no single person can possibly live up to the standards that we have created.
It’s time to end the myth of the complete leader – the flawless person at the top who’s got it all figured out. In today’s world, the executive’s job is to cultivate other’s skills and coordinate the actions of others at all levels of the organization.
To read more, check out “In Praise of the Incomplete Leader” by Deborah Ancona, Thomas W. Malone, Wanda J. Orlikowski, and Peter M. Senge in Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads On Leadership.
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