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Leadership Lessons

When I was an independent consultant, I didn’t have to think about a team, other than my clients who worked in groups or departments. But as RBW Strategy has grown and I have stepped into more of a leadership role, team member management has become essential. The same is true for so many of you. You might not have thought of yourself as a leader, or have been thrust into a leadership position, so you now have others looking to you for guidance and feedback.
The biggest leadership lessons I learned were based on negative situations I dealt with as an employee. I had managers that made me feel ignorant, that I lacked potential, and that I was an imposition. This shaped me in so many ways.
It’s always the most challenging situations from our past make us more equipped to handle situations in the future. Imagine if we approached every difficult situation with the intent to understand someone else instead of pushing our own agenda.
Rachel Werner, MPA, GPC, PMP, Owner & CEO of RBW Strategy
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