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Katelyn Banman Team Member Insight

I’ve been part of the team at RBW Strategy for a year and a half, and working as a Project Manager for a group of fundraisers has been an experience like no other.

In project management, there is never any one-size-fits-all way to manage a project or a team. Each team has different needs and requires varying project management mechanisms and solutions. That’s why I have always been drawn to this profession. I love a challenge each day instead of the monotony of doing the same tasks.

But project management for a diverse group of fundraisers like the RBW team is especially exciting and keeps me on my toes.

Like every team, everyone at RBW works differently and has specific issues they want to streamline to improve the team’s process. As Project Manager for this team, I have to examine each obstacle and find a plan to help a particular team member and all the team members who could benefit from this new process. Looking at a task from all directions helps me find new ways to think about processes, which I enjoy. While seeking a solution to help everyone, I must think outside the box and step out of my comfort zone.

For example, I recently had to create a project tracker for the RBW team. After compiling a long list of functions that many different people wanted from one tracker, it first seemed impossible to create one spreadsheet that would track so many items. The project was far more complex than I initially anticipated, and I had to develop more than five drafts before I came up with the final version. But with a lot of thought and continued input from RBW Team Members, I created a project tracker that fulfilled the team’s needs, and I’ve never been happier about a project outcome.

I am looking forward to the next project on my list for the RBW team because I know it will be challenging and fulfilling.

Katelyn Banman, RBW Strategy Project Manager

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