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technologySo, you are at a workshop and the PowerPoint presentation is unable to load. Another situation is that you are at your computer and the document you spent 30 minutes drafting does not save. Frustrating, to say the least! Like it or not, technology is here to stay, and keeps changing in scope and functionality. For those who try to avoid use of technology as much as possible, I am offering up some suggestions of tools and website that you can use, which actually work and help you with your daily activities. They work because I use them myself!

  1. DocuSign – Do you need contracts or other documents signed quickly and easily? This online software will allow you to send out documents for review and uses an electronic signature. Say goodbye to paper copies and scanning. https://go.docusign.com
  1. Doodle – I find it difficult to schedule meetings and conference calls. Doodle will allow you poll participants to determine a common meeting time. It is easy to set up and use. http://doodle.com/
  1. Dropbox – As a project manager and grant writer, I work with different clients on vastly different projects. I commonly use Dropbox for document storage. You can invite others to share the folders and/or documents, and only have access to these items (not your entire folder). The other benefit is that you can download a version of Dropbox to your computer so it acts as an additional folder on your Desktop. https://www.dropbox.com/
  1. Nozbe – This project management tool allows me to prioritize projects, organize by client, and I receive reminders about upcoming deadlines. This is very helpful on both a professional and personal level. https://nozbe.com/
  1. Pixabay – This website contains images to thousands of photos (including one that I used in this post) that you can access for presentations and materials, and are free! Keep this is mind to avoid copyright infringement. https://pixabay.com/

Hopefully these tools will work for you and ease the frustration that often comes with the use of new technology.

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