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Customer Relationship Management

For #GrantsManagementMonday, we’re sharing a tip that will hopefully simplify your life.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be very helpful if you are a larger organization that needs to track a higher volume of grant submissions.
But if you are a small nonprofit or your organization only submits a handful of grant proposals each year, your grant tracking system doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.
You need to be keeping an accurate record of the proposals your organization has submitted, contact information for each grantmaker, submission dates, and the amounts requested, denied, and received. Both Excel and Google Sheets allow you to customize your tracking spreadsheets at a lower price point than most CRMs.
Another option is Instrumentl. Although at a higher price point than Google and Excel, Instrumentl combines their grant opportunity database with a simple tracker that streamlines your research and tracking process.
No matter your budget, the main thing is to determine and stick to a tracking system that works for you and your colleagues.
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