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How to Answer Budget Questions Funders Will Ask

Grant applications are composed of various components, but the budget and budget justification are certainly the biggest areas under the microscope. Funders review the budget and justification prior to the core application. So no matter how compelling your narrative is, the request isn’t viable if your budget isn’t in order. Budget questions can be intimidating to […]

Goals and Objectives: How They Differ and Why it Matters

It’s important to understand the difference between goals and objectives when preparing a grant proposal. It will provide the reviewer with clarity, and define why the proposed activities are important. The two terms are often used interchangeably. While they are similar, the purpose behind each can vary.     Below, we’ll discuss the difference between […]

How to Optimize Your Virtual Board Meetings During COVID-19

I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say that I miss in-person meetings. There’s something about face to face interaction that provides a bit more cohesiveness (and allows for a better attention span). While Zoom has been a life-saving alternative, I am eager to get the ball rolling again in person. In […]

The Importance of Project Management

We all know that our job titles are not necessarily indicative of the work we do on a daily basis. As the budgets of nonprofits, government agencies and companies can fluctuate depending on the strength of our economy, we are tasked with many job functions. While the Project Management Institute (PMI) seeks to equip us […]

Top 10 things you do every day that make you a successful project manager

As a grants, proposal and project management professional, I see commonalities within my different workstreams. Why should we categorize different aspects of our lives when they all seek to help and inform the other? We live in a world of constant communication and activity, so everything is fluid and changing, as are our roles at […]