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If you’ve never taken Udemy courses before, you’re missing out! Udemy is an online content library full of helpful tools and resources to utilize in your personal and professional life. We’re not kidding — they have everything from learning how to knit to how to change a tire.


Udemy Courses


For this article, we wanted to provide a list of our favorite topics as they related to nonprofits and grants management. The nonprofit space is multifaceted and ever changing, which means there is always something new to learn. These various topics combined can provide a holistic learning experience, whether you’re a veteran or new to the nonprofit space. Let’s jump in!


Diversity for Dummies: Making Multiculturalism Work | Price: FREE


Building a progressive and successful work environment starts with diversity and inclusion. However, many organizations don’t know where to start or how to implement formal policies. This course is a great introduction to managing diversity in multiple settings. It also discusses how multicultural language can be used to navigate challenges, and what methods you can implement to create a more productive and inclusive workspace (both virtual and in-person). 


Better Virtual Meetings | Price: FREE


The way we conduct meetings has changed dramatically due to the pandemic remote working environment. Particularly for nonprofits, board meetings and fundraising efforts might look a bit different. This course identifies obstacles that prevent virtual meetings from being productive, and provides actionable tips for organizing and engaging co-workers and board members. You’ll walk away knowing how to keep virtual meetings, and create engaging content to keep these meetings interactive.


Time Management (Certificate): Prioritize and Manage Your Time | Price: $20


Managing grants is a lot of work, which means time is of the essence. We recommend this course because it explores the nitty gritty of why we find ourselves short on time. In order to manage your time, you have to understand it — and that’s how the course starts off. This course helps identify what time management methods will work for you, how to create a time management system, and how to manage unexpected challenges and interruptions. Not to mention, you’ll get a time management certificate at the end!


Grant Writing: How to Write Nonprofit Grants for Beginners | Price: $20


While this is a course labeled for beginners, it can also be useful as a refresher. This course covers the entire grant writing spectrum, from researching and discovering potential grant opportunities to assembling applications and submitting them. You’ll learn grant writing best practices, how to convey your story, and tips for staying organized. 


Data-Driven Nonprofits | Price: $50 


One of the most effective ways to increase your nonprofit’s impact is by utilizing data. However, many nonprofits don’t understand how to analyze and apply data for future projects. In this course, you’ll learn how to run a nonprofit organization using data-driven decision making, and provide data-driven reporting to funders.


Grant Research: Effective Strategies for Your Nonprofit | Price: $75


The research aspect of grant writing can be a tedious and time consuming task — but it doesn’t have to be! When done correctly, grant research can be done in an efficient and simplified way. This course takes a thorough look at the top free grant research databases, and how to utilize them effectively. You’ll also learn how to identify, save, and organize potential grant prospects. Learning these concepts will help your nonprofit find funders who align with your mission, goals, and values. 


These courses are only scratching the surface of what Udemy has to offer. We hope this gives you a great head start! For more content, visit our blog frequently as we upload new content each week. 


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