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I typically don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I thought in honor of this day, I would rather turn this into a giving holiday and share what I love with other people. While I could say the usual things (family, friends, vacation, Chai tea lattes), I thought that it would make more sense to provide a list of some useful resources that actually make me more successful. What 7 tools help me with work-life balance and also support me as an independent consultant? Here it goes….

  1. Nozbe – This online project management tool keeps me organized, on track and focused on my priorities and deadlines.
  2. Microsoft Excel – I use Excel daily for tracking information, sorting prospects, budgeting and creating useful charts for nonprofit clients.
  3. Flowcharts – The best way to map out7 tools a system or process to determine roles and responsibilities and multiple steps. I have used Microsoft Visio, must there are many other online resources out there that are less expensive.
  4. Coffee, Breakfast or Lunch – Rather than networking groups or conferences, I find that one on one personal meetings are the best ways to meet with clients, prospects, and/or colleagues.
  5. Highlighters – I am old school when it comes to reviewing grant guidance and important documents; I actually like to print out documents and highlight key areas of focus.
  6. Protein snacks and water – I always try to stay hydrated and fueled when I am sitting at my computer for several hours.
  7. Cards – I keep some uplifting notes and cards near me so I can read positive messages when I need a boost.

I am sure that there are things you love and enrich your life. What are your “must have” items that you need during the course of each day?

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