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What’s the big idea?

Happy summer everyone! While people might be taking some time off (hopefully) and perhaps taking advantage of some flex time, perhaps it allows for some time to reflect and learn. Instead of focusing on a big and important topic, I wanted to do a round up of some of my favorite nonprofit related resources that I like to review to stay current and informed.


How has the #MeToo Movement impacted organizations that primarily serve women and girls at the local level?

Resource review – news we can use


  • Tiny Spark is issued by the Nonprofit Quarterly. This 30-minute podcast covers such juicy topics as global volunteerism and racial inequities in the nonprofit sector. The global focus of this podcast showcases the breadth of the issues that organizations face.
  • 99% Invisible goes into different topics each week that are often overlooked by mainstream media sources. It makes you think about how these issues can shape our world.
  • Revisionist History is for those who love Malcolm Gladwell. If you have ever read one of his books, he goes in-depth into areas that make you think twice about your viewpoints about historical events. I always love it when a podcast can help you see things from another perspective.
  • How I Built This is one of the most interesting and inspiring podcasts about major CEOs and how they build their businesses (did you know that Whole Foods started out as a tiny food co-op in a house in Austin, TX?). Not only do you learn about your favorite brands and leaders, but also what made each of them continue to push forward, even when they faced extreme adversity.


  • NonprofitAF is the go-to newsletter for nonprofit professionals. Period.
  • Nonprofit Quarterly is the golden standard for nonprofit publications. Informative and well-researched articles. You always feel like you can learn something new.
  • Thrive Global offers great resources to promote a smarter, more engaged and energized way to live. Each article offers a nugget of information to help you live more simply and with purpose.
  • Grammar Girl’s Mignon Fogarty can always offer a quick and dirty tip about grammar and better writing.


  • Simon Sinek’s books offer a way for you think about living your life with purpose. Start With Why is a book that changed the way I work.
  • While Simon Sinek can nourish you brain, Brene Brown can nourish your soul. You will not be disappointed by reading one or all of her books.
  • Begging for Change was the first book I read as a nonprofit professional that offered a new way to look at fundraising beyond “charity work.” I still keep it on my bookshelf.
  • We all need digital minimalism in our lives, so why not go through a 30-day breakup plan with your phone so you can view devices in a new way. Summer is the best time to do it too!

What should we learn from this?

It doesn’t have to be about nonprofits for you to gain some insights and adapt them into your work. Maybe it just takes a nugget of information to change the way you work.

Short and sweet can do the trick, and you don’t always need to read a long book or article to stay on top of trends.

Change the way you think about professional development and that a podcast can be incredibly informative.

What will you learn this summer?

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