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Team Member Shout Out- Lauren

It’s time for the sweet sounds of summer! Did you know that both listening to and creating music can positively impact your mood and mental health? Classical and other music that has a tempo of 60 beats per minute increases your brain’s efficiency in processing information, while other types of classical, instrumental, or “spa music” can help you relax. Listening to or making any type of music that you enjoy allows your brain to think more creatively and make more unusual connections. You can also use your favourite upbeat music as a motivational force. Crank up the volume on a song with a rapid beat and you’ll probly find it much easier to get started on a task that you’ve been putting off. All of these uses for musical mood enhancement are great for your professional success and personal health. So what is on your summer playlist, whether for inspiration, motivation, or relaxation? #MentalHealthMonday #RBWStrategy
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