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How is it November already? I was just enjoying summer! Now that Halloween is over, it’s a fast track to end of the year, which means end of year appeals, last major fundraising pushes, and targeted social media. This month we’ll be thinking about how fundraisers can address some of the revenue gaps as we get closer to the end of the year.
With everything moving so fast, what can you do to focus and ensure you are clear about what you need to do?
Think about your organization’s priorities. What items are low hanging fruit that will yield the greatest results? What requires less resources (and effort) but can be building blocks for success in 2023?
The point is, don’t start a social media campaign or a grants program in November if your organization hasn’t already been moving on that front. Tie up as many loose ends as possible, connect with donors, and prepare yourself for the new year. That’s the recipe for success in end-of-year fundraising.
Rachel Werner, MPA, GPC, PMP, Owner & CEO of RBW Strategy
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