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After living in NYC for seven years, one of the most salient takeaways from my time there was that people can express themselves. People in NYC love to stand out and wear different clothing, take on new challenges and absorb themselves in new opportunities. After spending a weekend there with my family last week, I can honestly say that I feel inspired by the city that doesn’t sleep. I realize now that success is not based on whether you are the “best” at what you do, but how best you understand industry trends and its impact on your clients or constituents. What can we learn from New Yorkers?

  1. Set your goals – What do you want to accomplish as a professional and/or organization? Can you articulate these goals? What are the steps you need to achieve these goals?
  2. Don’t be afraid to fail – It is ok to make mistakes, and this only gets you closer to your goal. Risk taking is part of being innovative and unique.
  3. Be boastful – Cherish your wins and accomplishments, and let others know about them as well.
  4. Be colorful – If other organizations have an annual gala, what will you do that’s different? What success stories showcase your clients’ progress? How can you engage others in a meaningful way that exemplifies your mission and passion?
  5. Don’t wait – The longer you procrastinate on making any changes, the longer you can talk yourself out of doing anything. There is a time and place for everything, but lingering on a good idea will not nourish growth.

Who else is in a New York state of mind?

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