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I don’t like being scared, period. I can’t stand horror movies or thrillers. While I can avoid entertainment, I can’t avoid things that scare me in life. There are many unknowns and while we try to be prepared, we can’t always prepare for every scenario. How do we overcome our fears and become better equipped for success?  

  1. Acknowledge that you have fears. Why hide from the things that scare you? Is it death, sickness, job loss? Become aware that the fear exists and give it a name.
  2. Learn how to calm yourself down. How do you try to relax? Is it yoga, music, playing with your dogs and/or kids? What will help put you in a better headspace?
  3. Don’t think too much. I find that when I obsess about an issue/topic, I actually end up making it worse. Meditation is great to overcoming these obsessive thoughts and there are so many free apps that you can find one to help you meditate for even just five minutes.
  4. Find a coping mechanism. What happens if your fear is realized? Are you ready to face it? It helps to find a healthy way to address this so it doesn’t overtake your personal and/or professional life. What are some healthy habits that you can adopt?
  5. Move on. Hopefully, once you cross that bridge you can keep moving forward and not obsess about the next fear.

What are your greatest fears and how can you try to ensure you are mentally and emotionally strong enough to combat them?

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