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Do not look at where you fell but where you slipped

There’s a classic proverb: “Do not look at where you fell but where you slipped.” It has resonated with me for many years, but it has taken on new meaning as I am almost halfway through my first year as a Chief Operating Officer.
My role at RBW Strategy is making sure we have all the resources we need for success. I may be supporting team members on client-facing engagements with administrative, strategy, and Project Management guidance. Or I may be focused on business development, service optimization, and quality assurance within our operational backbone. No matter what, these principles hold:
(1) Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. Sometimes the best lessons are learned through great difficulty.
(2) It’s more valuable to focus on what causes a mistake than the mistake itself, as the preceding actions are often preventable.
(3) There are countless perspectives on how situations unfold, all of them important to consider. Both introspection and input from others who are involved or impacted is key.
I believe I will continue to integrate existing and emerging ideas as a newly minted Chief Operating Officer. And I will truly enjoy my experience in the process.
KJ Lucas Matos, RBW Strategy Chief Operating Officer
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