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Untangling the New Uniform Grant Guidance

Untangling the New Uniform Grant Guidance It’s the news that all our grant enthusiasts and compliance champions have been waiting for – the new Uniform Grant Guidance has been issued! While the updates won’t go into effect until October 1st, it is important to know about these changes and how they impact your organization. We’ll […]

8 Common Questions Funders Will Ask on Grant Applications

Questions on grant applications can vary depending on the funder’s priorities and objectives. However, there are some basic things to expect and organize for when writing an application.      Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common questions on grant applications, and how you can prepare for them.    Meeting criteria. Think of this […]

Restoring Trust in Your Grant Funders

  A grant funder is more likely to give when they trust an organization and its team. If a situation occurs where the funder loses trust, it is up to the organization to take proactive steps to remedy the issue.    Below, we’ll list out a few scenarios in which trust your grant funders can […]

How to Utilize a Grant Calendar to Increase Your Nonprofits Success

Applying for grants is a competitive, time consuming task. And like any big project, grant proposals take a lot of organization and planning. Creating a grant calendar to track all grant related activities for your organization will keep you focused, get tasks done on time, and provide an overarching view of all the details that […]

Grants Management 101 (Part 4)

My son used to watch the series “Bob the Builder” when he was fascinated/obsessed with construction vehicles. Bob always had a plan and also had all the tools he needed to get the job done. As professionals in the nonprofit and grants community, we have to use almost every tool in our arsenal (and take […]

Grants Management 101 (Part 3): Resource Capacity

The ingredients to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies are fairly straightforward – flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, milk, chocolate chips, and few other items. You mix then together, bake, and then you get a delicious treat. Well, what happens when you do not have flour and you ran out of chocolate chips? You […]

Grants Management 101 (Part 2): Monitoring and Oversight

Let’s say you are a grantee and in order to execute your programs, you need to include partners in order to meet your outcomes and they help execute your deliverables. However, these are not just any partners, these are commonly referred to as subrecipients. Many organizations need subrecipients, as they themselves do not have the […]

Grants Management 101 (Part 1)

Lately I have received multiple requests to support organizations with post-award support. While the specifics differ between organizations, the general story is the same. An organization experiences a substantive uptick in the number of grant awards received, or are the recipient of one or more large grant awards (generally federally funded). While this support speaks […]