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Behavioral Assessments

Last month, we had our All-Hands Meeting for the firm and reviewed DISC-like assessments for our team. If you’re unfamiliar with the DISC, it’s one of many behavioral self-assessment tools like the Myers-Briggs and Kolbe that are designed to predict job performance and are with great to use with a team.
RBW realized that it would be even more helpful to go through an assessment together since our team is spread across the country and fully virtual. Most of us haven’t met in person, but we need to collaborate smoothly to leverage our different skills for maximum benefit to the client. Since remote and hybrid work environments are now pervasive, this is a good way to deepen the understanding that team members have about each other. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen your team culture and promote positive ways to work collaboratively betwen individuals that have different work styles.
We learned that while our team is generally clustered together, sharing many elements of our work style, there are always variations with how we respond to different situations. We’re looking forward to the fact that after taking a look at the results of the assessment, we can keep each other’s communication and work styles in mind as we collaborate for better #organizationalculture and results.
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