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Priorities The holidays are often a time when our priorities get jumbled. In the midst of holiday activities and celebrations, many of us abandon our usual routines and healthy habits, at least temporarily. While it’s fine to indulge in some holiday treats, stay focused on your priorities and don’t drop the ball on your healthy […]


Authentic “Authentic” is a popular buzzword these days. In the age of social media, people are always asking how to be more genuine and relatable. Authenticity is an important leadership quality, since people are more willing to follow an open and trustworthy individual. If they aren’t already, nonprofit Executive Directors, fundraisers, and other individuals in […]

Take Time to Breathe

Take Time to Breathe I have always been that person who hates waiting. And as business owners, we’re taught to keep moving without pause, much like sharks. But while my impatience has driven me to keep doing and moving, I can admit that impatience is also one of my greatest weaknesses. It is important for […]

First Year as COO

First Year as COO As we approach the end of 2022, I want to reflect on my first year as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at RBW Strategy. And to do so, I must begin with a longer look back. My first experience working with executive leaders was nearly 20 years ago, when I was a […]

End of Year Fundraising

End of Year Fundraising For many nonprofit fundraisers, the holiday season is incredibly busy. End-of-year fundraising activities range from toy drives to concerts to holiday galas, plus end-of-year campaigns and solicitations. The logistics for fundraising events and mailings may need most of your attention, but may also still need to meet your monthly or quarterly […]